A simple 65% split keyboard


Kiwi65S – S for split – is a split 65% keyboard. Although it has an extra column on the left side, I would like to call it 65% layout for easier recognizing.

Was born during the most critical time of Covid-19 in Vietnam (mid of 2021, national-wide quarantine period), this keyboard is my “quarantine fighting method”. I also spent a huge amount of time learning Blender, and tried my best to bring the PCB drawing into cool 3D rendering pictures.

The significant amount of time designing this keyboard helped me much during quarantine period, and eventually (also luckily) it works!

To be honest, I had a good time making this Kiwi65S, and I hope you feel the same surfing my site.

Technical information:
  • Microcontroller: ATMEGA32U4 (both side)
  • Firmware: Github repository
  • Firmware (.hex) and VIA file (.json): please go to Download section



Case frame

Fully assembled

Assembly Structure

Overview video