bool kawii9_is_back(void) {
    return true;


"Yes, Kawii9 is back"

We eventually can say that, after a long time being asked “hey, any cool macropad available?”. 

Learning from the previous version, we acknowledge that a macropad is not only a small keypad, but also a decorative gadget for your desk.

Following the trend, we add an OLED screen for displaying information and animations, resolution of 128*64 pixels gives more space for things: layers, lock keys, lighting mode, WPM, animations, and more. The bigger the merrier, is it?. The screen UI will be updated continuously, providing more interactive and informative experience.

Rotary knob is charming and fashionable, you can have up to 2 of them.

We hope you like it.

Kawii9 is flexible

Means, it can be expanded to match your need. For now, there are 3 variants:

Just a basic 3×3 keypad.

A 3×3 keypad with 1 OLED screen and 1 rotary encoder.

Nope, not yet :v

USB Type-C

Hotswap Socket

External Module Connector

RGB Underglow

Per-key RGB (backlight)

Out-of-the-box keymap:

This is default keymap, can be changed anytime (and easily) using VIA.

Currently, user needs to load JSON file into VIA. Please refer to Download section for the file.

How to get it?

< Will be updated soon >


Right click > Save link as…