Kawii9 rev.2

A macropad that fits all your needs

Welcome to my personal site, where I share all my works in mechanical keyboards field

Who am I?

I am a Vietnamese young man, who is so interested in mechanical keyboards and can spend whole day working on them. Kiwi is my favorite fruit.

My background is electronics engineering. I used to work as an engineer, a salesman, sometimes a freelancer of software and web design, or a media editor. And I am not a master in any field, honestly.

Regarding mechanical keyboard, most of the time I do PCB designs, sometimes I also make plates and cases (which is inevitable, people would like to purchase a full-kit product, not a single PCB).

I hope you can find something interesting here, and just in case you want to contact me for anything (collaboration, feedbacks, proposing ideas, chit-chat, flirting,…) feel free to contact me: kiwikey.vn@gmail.com (more ways at the end of page).

Some of my products

All products are powered by QMK Firmware and compatible with VIA.
Millions of thanks to QMK collaborators and contributors.

Kawii9 (rev1)

  • A free-to-play 3×3 keypad
  • 2 version: Hotswap & Soldering
  • RGB Underglow

Status: group-buy round 1 was done (collaboration with CECE Clarie Custom), and (sadly) there will be no future group-buy.


A 4×4 keypad, just like Kawii9, but with 16 keys

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow & RGB Per-key

Status: there was no group-buy, personal use only


A 40% keyboard PCB

  • Soldering PCB
  • Multi-layout (with swappable 2.25u & 2.75u spaces)
  • RGB Underglow & RGB Per-switch

Status: I have planned for a group-buy but have never started it yet. Some individual kits were sold to people who were interested in.


A 60% keyboard PCB

  • Soldering PCB
  • Multi-layout (up to 50 combinations, I have never been brave enough to list them all, what a mess!)
  • RGB Underglow & Single-color Backlight

Status: version 3 was done. But there is no group-buy, only individual sales.


A 65% keyboard PCB

  • Soldering & Hotswap PCB
  • Multi-layout (supports 6.25u/7u/split spaces)
  • RGB Underglow
  • 1x Rotary Encoder
  • Expandable with I2C connectors

Status: prototype was done and works well. Coming to market soon.


An Alice-layout Keyboard PCB

  • Soldering PCB
  • RGB Underglow & Single-color Backlight

Status: 2 group-buys and several extra sales, under the name of Abasic (collaboration with NUXROS & MechKey.store)

GB Round 1 was on March 2021. Fulfilled on May 2021. For national customers only (Link).
GB Round 2 was on July 2021. Fulfilled on Dec 2021 (Link)

All Abasic sales are now available worldwide! Check out the new colorways, features, pricing and sales schedule on Mechkey.Store

Most successful product so far!


An Arisu-layout Keyboard PCB

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow

Status: Group-buy opened on Nov-2021, fulfilled. Some extra boards were sold. Out of stock now.


An extended 60% Keyboard PCB. Commission design, planned to be a Group-buy.

  • Hotswap & Soldering PCB
  • RGB Underglow
Status: design was done, 2 versions of prototype, not sure when it will be opened for sales.


A 75% keyboard

  • Soldering PCB
  • Multi-layout available
  • RGB Underglow

Status: done and sold.

Sofle RGB

A split ergonomic keyboard. Based on Sofle by Josef Adamčík.

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow & Per-key
Status: done, personal use only


A Split 65% keyboard PCB

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow

Status: development was done, some individual kits was sold to people who are interested in (with a bit of luck).


A Split Fullsize PCB. Re-design of SP111

  • Soldering PCB
  • Multi-layout available:
    • Space 2.25u / 2.75u / 3u (on both sides)
    • ISO numpad / flipped numpad / keypad 5×4
    • ANSI Enter / ISO Enter
    • Split Backspace, Right Shift, Left Shift
Two halves are connected using “C to C” cable. Daughter-board connector (JST 1.0mm) are available, for CNC Aluminum case design (if anyone is interested in).
* Various versions can be found:
  • With 1.3″ OLED installed
  • Different footprints of MCP23017 (QFN or SOIC), to deal with global component shortages

Status: done and sold.


65% keyboard with southpaw numpad. Inspired by Wyvern.

  • Soldering PCB
  • Multi-layout available
  • RGB Underglow

FR4 plate is available, suitable for both “gasket-mount” and “top-mount” style.

Status: done and sold.


A compact fullsize PCB. Replacement of Austin Keyboard PCB. Fit on Austin R2 and R3 (tested).

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow
  • With flex-cuts (not really works when installed to Austin original plate, however they look cool and that’s enough)
Status: done and sold.


Another compact fullsize layout PCB (aka Layout 1800).

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow

Status: done and sold.

"Split Alice"

Idea by NUXROS (my collaborator on Abasic – the GB using Wanderland PCB). This is a split version of Wanderland. The name is not final.

  • Soldering PCB
  • All connections (USB to PC, and I2C between 2 halves) use JST 1.0mm connector, to be compatible with USB-C DaughterBoard.
Status: design and prototype was done.


A not-so-simple 16-key macropad. Upgraded version of Kiwi4x4.

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow & RGB Per-key. There are also 2 LED strips on left & right sides
  • 1.3″ OLED screen for displaying cool things, supported by an external EEPROM IC.
  • 2x Rotary Encoders
  • Expandable, designed for flexible expansion modules in future

Status: prototype was done, works like a charm. But I suddenly have lost interest in this 🙁


Or Sp.Ort.48, a split ortholinear 48-key keyboard PCB

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow
  • On each half: 1x Rotary Encoder, 1x RGB 1.54″ IPS screen (resolution of 240*240px)
  • 2 halves are connected by TRS cable
This is my first design using BlackPill controller board (STM32F4x1 microcontroller), also first design which runs QMK’s Quantum Painter.
Status: design and prototype was done, working on firmware and software. Coming soon.


An Alice-layout 40% keyboard PCB.

  • Hotswap PCB
  • RGB Underglow
  • 0.91″ OLED screen
  • 2x Rotary Encoders, can be assembled with normal switch(es)
Inspired by a short story, which involves “Phê La” (somehow pronounced as “fella”), a Vietnamese brand of bubble tea.

Status: prototype was done, will be on sales soon (hopefully).